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Prevention Of Hair Loss

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Nowadays the problem of hair loss is acute both for men and women. The age range also got wider, so the problem affects both young and old. It turns out that hair loss treatment is never an easy task, but you can prevent hair loss by simply taking a good care of your health. And, as they say, prevention is better than cure. And this is really the case.

Metabolic disease and vitamin deficiency immediately take their toll on hair. That is why, in order to prevent hair loss, it is of vital importance to get rid of these two troubles. It is proved, that people who eat more greens, fruit and vegetables does not only suffer from hair loss, but also don’t face the problem of gray hair for a longer time. So, proper nutrition is the basis not only for a good general health condition, but also for the beauty of hair.

Don’t forget that not only damaged and weakened hair needs good care all the time. Without proper care even healthy hair can easily become damaged and weak. Thus, the use of various nutrient masks, balms, lotions will help you preserve its natural beauty and strength.

You can also prevent hair loss with natural remedies, for example, with rubbing and rising. If your hair is too greasy, add a few drops of any essential oil to water or decoction. This mixture will perfectly dissolve grease and unclog the pores of the scalp, allowing them to get enough oxygen. Sea-salt and clay help to scrub off dead cells and improve blood circulation.

It is also recommended to make regular massage of the scalp with a smooth hairbrush. The best brush is a wooden one. Scalp massage also restores normal blood circulation.

Artificial drying and the use of even the best and very nutritious means for hair styling gradually lead to the sad situation when your hair start lose its strength and color. Hair covered under a thick layer of lacquer and styling mousse doesn’t receive enough oxygen. It gets dry and weakened and, eventually, falls out.

To sum it up, the more natural your hair care is, the better the result are. Moreover, there’s nothing better than natural beauty.

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November 30th, 2009 at 8:07 am