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Psychological Causes Of Hair Loss

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When you have to undergo your usual medical examination, the list of doctors, whom you have to see, often includes a psychologist or therapist. Truly, as we know, many of our diseases and disorders (hair loss included) result from increased stress and nervous tension.

Stress itself is not a disease, rather it contributes to other diseases, some of which can be really severe. When you feel emotionally tensed or upset, your organism starts producing more of the hormones cortisol  and adrenaline. This leads to the condition when your pulse and blood pressure increase and your body needs more oxygen. Eventually, it can result in heart disorders, weight problems, higher susceptibility to colds and infections. And it can lead to loss of hair as well.

Stress instantly affects your hair condition. And there is a purely physiological explanation related to hormones. Nevertheless, hormonal treatment is not the best option in this case. Sometimes it’s quite enough to simply take it easy, to relax and have a rest. A change of surrounding usually brings great results. Rest-care technique and psychological training are also advisable. Some companies offer relaxation and stress management classes. You can also take a long stroll or visit a fitness club – it’s all to the better.

There is a more complicated case – when, on the contrary, hair loss is a source of stress and psychological worries. The fact is that our hair is given to us by nature as a kind of protection from many troubles. And when we start losing it we unconsciously feel insecure, as though we are getting literally naked and defenseless. We grow nervous, frustrated, irritable, and impatient. This is especially true about women. Women got used to the feeling that they are covered with more or less long and thick curls all their life. And when their hair begins to grow thin and lifeless, it’s time for a real tragedy. The best way is to find a good trichologists (hair loss specialist) and sign up for a psychological training course to regain self-esteem and confidence.

Nowadays, stress is one of the main health problems of our time. Always remember, if you suffer from stress, you are not alone. It’s necessary to investigate whether it causes you other health problems and see your doctor with no delay.

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December 2nd, 2009 at 12:13 pm

Find You Hair Loss Cause First

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Our hair is an excellent indicator of the state of our health, as it is immediately responds to all internal and external changes of our body. Hair loss is one of such responds. And that is why there are more causes of hair loss than we can possibly imagine.

Most often hair loss is caused by age-related changes and weakening of the body, to which we all are exposed sooner or later. For example, women begin to lose hair rapidly after birth of a child and during menopause. In this case, hair loss results from hormonal imbalance.

Hair loss may simply be a seasonal condition. In spring we don’t get enough vitamins and it tells primarily on our hair. Our metabolism is being disturbed and it can make our scalp and hair dry, as well as loss of certain amount of hair also becomes inevitable. But in winter hair loss is often the result of static electricity and lack of oxygen. We keep our hair under the hat, our scalp sweats, skin pores get clogged by excessive grease. By the way, hair coloring, perm and the use of hair styling appliances and devices have even worse effect leading to excessive hair loss.

Poor ecological situation and environment is one more common reason why people start loosing their hair. Forget about washing your hair with melted snow or rain water (what was quite popular in old times), as it contains so many toxins and harmful substances that it can cause significant irritation of the head-skin with subsequent and rapid loss of hair.

Stress and emotional strains and upsets also have a baneful influence on the state of health of your hair. Each stress is accompanied with surge of certain hormones and it instantly affects the growth of hair follicles and their nourishment.

Hair loss can also result from the use of certain drugs and medical procedures. And the more often you resort to them, the more difficult it is to stop hair loss: you can only slightly slow it down, but not eliminate it completely.

But in other cases hair loss can be either prevented or completely stopped with appropriate treatment or by hair transplantation. Never hesitate to discuss the problem with a hair loss specialist, as it’s very important to find the real cause first.

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November 29th, 2009 at 10:04 am